Inclined platform for curved section and/or change of slope


The FENIX stairlift is the ideal solution for stairs with curves and/or changes in slope. It can be installed both inside and outside buildings as its rail is made of stainless steel. It is designed with the same characteristics as the ARIS, so the after-sales service is a great advantage. It complies with all the requirements of the current regulations and we can adapt it where other platforms cannot be installed. Thanks to our manufacturing process, we are able to deliver within 4 / 5 weeks, so we are ahead of any equipment on the market.

  • 1st curved platform manufactured entirely in Spain.
  • Smart design: Minimalist, narrow diameter stainless steel top and bottom rail
    (Minimum occupancy on the stairs)
  • Motor integrated in the front unit of the platform.
  • Automatic operating platform.
  • High quality manufacturing and components.
  • Reliability, comfort and safety for a satisfactory use.
  • Functionality:
    – Prepared for indoor installations, optionally for outdoor use.
    – Wireless command and floor control.
    – Displacement throughout the very smooth route.
    – Battery protection system to prevent discharge.
  • Optional:
    – Lower boarding with quick drop.
    – Upper and lower parking at 180º and 90º.
    – Parking with overrun on the lower and upper landing.
    – Automated 90º ramp.
    – Sensitive edge.
    – Special platform dimensions (on request).
    – Outdoor use.
    – Protective platform cover.
    – Special color to consult.
    – Additional intermediate stops.
    – Integrated folding seat with safety belt.
    – Self-supporting floor-rung supports.

Fénix, high technology in every curve


  • Load capacity: 250 kg.
  • Stainless steel rails.
  • Standard platform dimensions: 650x750mm-700x750mm-750x900mm-800x1000mm.
  • System: Rack/pinion drive.
  • Power supply: Batteries.
  • Platform operation: Automatic.
  • Boarding 90º and 180º.
  • Positive curves.
  • Power: 0.5Kw (0.7 CV).
  • Power supply: 230V- Single-phase- 0.1 Kw.
  • Diagnostic display.
  • Hold down for control panel operation.
  • 2 wireless controls on the floor (landing).
  • Wired companion controller.
  • Superior quality non-slip vinyl flooring.
  • Platform color: Metallic dark grey.

Security systems:
– Luminous and acoustic signal of operation.
– Speed limiter.
– Sensors on the sides to detect obstacles during movement, on guides and the bottom of the platform base.
– Limit switches.
– Safety barriers and automatic side ramps.
– Emergency stop button.
– Alarm device.
– Release arms for rescue.

-European Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE – EN 81-40

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